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Entrepreneurial Wisdom from the Flip Cam Founder

David Pogue recently posted about a conversation with Jonathan Kaplan in his column for the NY Times.  Kaplan is the founder of Pure Digital, the company known for inventing the Flip Cam.  Cisco, who acquired Pure Digital for $590 million only 2 years ago, recently decided to cancel its production of the much-loved camcorder.  Discussing his issues initially starting the company, Kaplan explained his theory on what it takes to be a true entrepreneur:

"Everybody told Mr. Kaplan that the Flip was a terrible idea. He had trouble getting investment capital. But entrepreneurs have to be dogged and passionate. ‘It’s like going into a bar filled with 100 beautiful women. You ask the first one, ‘Will you go out with me?’ And she says no. You ask the second one out, and she pours her drink on you. The third one slaps you. Well, most people would give up at beautiful woman No. 2 or No. 3. An entrepreneur is the one who gets all the way to No. 100. And marries her and lives happily ever after.’”

Kaplan shows that the most important part of being an entrepreneur is determination.  While innovation and product design both play their part, it was his personal drive that helped him overcome the boundaries and bring his dream to fruition.

While his best-known invention may currently lay in the gutter, Kaplan is full of new ideas.  Read the full article here to learn of his newest venture: a chain of grilled-cheese-and-soup restaurants to be found throughout the nation.  

If they end up half as successful as he believes, the Artist-Formerly-Known-As-Flip-Cam may actually become the next Rockefeller.  At least in my mind.

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